Monday, July 16, 2012

sneak peek

A sneak peek of a piece for the custom goose fence for my aunt and uncle's lake property.  Canadian geese are pretty to watch out on the water but they can really do a number on your yard, so many lake dwellers install goose fencing.  These range from a single strand of wire, to pie plates on poles and on up to a full 4 ft wire fence (a little overkill).

I wanted to do something custom as a house warming gift for the cottage, and this was the idea I finally settled on.  It will be a very low fence, just 18 inches tall.  I am making some metalwork pieces from aluminum flashing to string along a copper wire which should patina nicely with time.

Here's a sneak peek at the first piece for the fence which I finished today.  It's a leaping rainbow trout.  I apologize for the glare, I couldn't get a better angle for the picture.


  1. AWESOME!!!!! You are so talented!!!

  2. I love the trout; the goose fence is going to be a thoughtful gift. The aluminum fish will be so much more attractive than the pie plate method.

  3. Thank you! I hope my aunt and uncle love it and the geese hate it :)

  4. Wow - this came at an awesome time! I've been wondering if there was something to keep the geese off!

    First - amazing work on that rainbow! Incredible work. Going to ck out more of your work!
    Second - can you direct me to somewhere or just let me know - what is the key to the fence? Wouldn't the geese just fly over an 18" fence? or for that matter any fence? Or is it that there's something flashy on it? The one that's just a wire makes me wonder if they're just not that bright and come up from the water and if stopped by something they'll just turn around. LOL!

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thank you for the compliments :). I am told that the geese basically go back to the water if something is in their way and won't go around because it impedes a quick retreat back to the water if threatened. Flashy is supposed to help keep them from even approaching.


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