Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 7 already?

It's opening ceremony night for the Olympics!  I can't wait, I have always watched the Olympics with excitement ever since I was a kid.  When I was in my teens I remember thinking to myself that I wished I was an Olympian for either swimming, gymnastics or equestrian.  Although by that age I was already too old to start training for swimming or gymnastics, and while I rode all the time and lived close enough to the USET, I didn't really have those kind of connections.  So now maybe someday I will be called a "champion of jewelry".  One can dream, after all that's what fulfilling careers are built on, right?

The other exciting thing happening tonight , jumped the gun it begins on the 28th?  It's the first round of reveals for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Hop, head on over to Lori's blog, Pretty Things to start hopping.   I can't comment on any of the results yet, I wanted to get my post done before I start hopping. I'm itching to get in on the fun for the next one!

I had to go check the number of posts because I can't believe I'm on day 7 already!  I have a couple reveals today and a couple works in progress from today.  And a few bonus reveals from last week. 

I finished the necklace made from the enameled and stamped discs.  Wear testing it tomorrow night!

Connectors made from 18g double headpins, some of which were enameled in Elk Brown.

This is a bangle in progress.  There are 3 holes that will have beads dangling fro them.

These are a few reveals of last weeks work in wire wrapping.  I love the look of wire wrapping, just not sure if my fingers like the making of it.

Wire wrapped ring featuring a beaded bead made from tiny purple cat's eye beads.  Attached to the ring with enameled purple headpins.

Wire wrapped cuff.  Drool worthy abalone focal bead that my awesome Sis sent me.  I still have a couple of the abalone beads left, still trying to find the best project to feature them.

Not sure how much i will complete tomorrow.  It's our town's annual homecomers weekend.  Lots of the alumni come home to all visit from all across the country.  Parade, picnics, competitions, MASSIVE party at our local American Legion.

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  1. Love, love, love, what you did with abalone bead. See you soon. Just 4 more sleeps!


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