Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 6, almost forgot...

Whoa, got so engrossed in working on a piece I almost forgot to post!  Thought I would have more to reveal for you today, but some are still in progress and won't make it in time for this day.  Will work on them tomorrow.  I'm really excited about one of the pieces so stay tuned.

Hope you all weathered the storms today well.  They are reporting that not far from here in Elmira they had a tornado touchdown.  We got through with just some much needed rain everywhere we went today.  After dancing between the raindrops all day, here is what I finished.  For those of you suffering the drought, I hope you get some rain too.

This was in the tumbler still for several hours today, it's a fold formed cuff.  The next pic shows it on my arm, but looks a little odd.  It's awkardly difficult to take a picture of your own arm, lol.

A big cuff like this makes me feel a little like Wonder Woman or maybe Isis (remember her?). 

Remember the brass pieces I was having difficulty with enamel pinging off?  Well I finished it up, still missing a bit of enamel, but I'm liking it that way.  I don't think it will continue to chip as it tumbler for a long time in steel shot with no further damage.  Will report back if it does though, will be wear testing it this weekend.  It reminds me of something ancient, perhaps from Egypt? 

I also like how the copper is coming up from the brass.  

Hand forged everything on this one myself from the links down to the clasp.  Sorry this is blurry, couldn't fix it even in fotoflexer.  This happens when you are cooking dinner and snapping pics at the same time.

Oh, and here was the second experiment with alcohol inks under clear enamel.  I tinted the copper with cranberry in first then added dots of purple, which ened up as these white splotches.  Not how I had hoped it would turn out but interesting none the less.

See ya tomorrow.  Happy Friday!

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