Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coming Soon...a week of experimentation in the studio

Just read Barbara Lewis' blog post and thought "Yes, I will".  I will do more experimenting in my "studios" (not as prestigious as it may sound since in reality it's a corner of our kitchen and a corner of our living room) this week.  I had already picked up some supplies today to do just that.  I got to go shopping at Joann Fabrics alone today, so much nicer than dragging kids who don't really want to be there. So here is the first piece in the experiment.
Thank you again to all the ladies on the Painting With Fire ning who continue to support and inspire my enameling efforts.  This piece is done with rubber stamps, Stazon ink and enamels in willow green and elk brown.  Tip of the day: purposely placing words and on angle ensures that they never look unintentionally crooked.

Still to come later in the week, more stamping, alcohol inks, foldfoming and whatever else comes along.

Be sure to check out Barbara's blog post from today, the link is above.  The pictures alone are worth the click and sure to make you chuckle :).


  1. Can't wait to see more of the results.

  2. Love the look of stamping. Can I assume the stamping is on top of the enamel?

    1. Yes, the stamping is on top of the enamel. I should have explained the process a bit better :). First enamel a few layers of your base enamel (I torch fire, if you have a kiln or wet pack it could be done in one layer), stamp your image with Stazon, while it is wet sift over another color enamel allow to dry a bit, tap off excess and refire. Hope that helps clarify.


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