Saturday, December 8, 2012

(Partial) studio redo

OK, so some of you probably know that my studio is actually several "mini" studios around my home.  I have redone my torching studio (which used to live in my kitchen, BAD I know).  My torching station/studio is now in another room.  My sewing machine used to live on this surface but has been put on a shelf since I haven't used it for anything major since the summer.  Don't get me wrong, I still love fiber too, but for the smaller projects I do now and again the machine can be used on my dining room table.

Here are some pics of the new torching set up...

Not a perfect ventilation system, but much better than what I was working with previously.  Since this pic was taken I have doubled my enamel and glass inventory.  Oooooh and added a mini bead annealing kiln (pics soon).  I wish I could say it always looks like this but truth be told, 5 minutes at the torch and the space looks nothing like this, lol.  Try not to be jealous of my super cool mandrel holder there on the right, and the recycled can rod holders on the left.

 Close up of my super cool mandrel holder.  Yes it is a recycled box with holes in it that I stabbed with a fork, hooray for upcycling!  I will say it is very serviceable, holds the mandrels upright and spaced well while the bead release dries.  When one is starting out we have can't have all the fancy stuff right away, gotta save the cash for the real supplies like enamel and glass.

View out the torching station window.  Not that I look out it much because I have to focus on what's under the torch, but it's a nice view when I do get to look up.  Thanks to my neighbors Sue and Al for keeping such lovely, stately trees for me to enjoy.

Where do you create? 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Back from a brief MIA...

Hi All,

Sorry I went off the grid for a bit there.  A number of personal things had finally caught up with me and after a brief pity party for myself, I have been busy making and had a few shows thrown in too.  I would like to thank all the peeps who visited me at the shows, particularly those who had such kind comments on my work and especially those who made purchases.  It truly warms me to the bottom of my heart when someone admires my work.  I suspect it is like that for most artisans, it's like a validation that all the passion you pour into your work is on the right track when other appreciate it :).  This of course includes all of the kind and dear readers who leave lovely comments here on my blog as well. 

I have been working in copper, enamel and glass these days as before.  I'm hoping to have bracelets completed combining those three materials for several people by Christmas.  This last week has been mostly a focus on lampwork beads and techniques.  Huge thanks to all those lampworkers out there who have posted tutorials all over the net for me to learn from, that goes for my enamel and metal buddies too.

Pics coming soon, have lots to show but need to get the camera out this weekend.  Also working on the tube bead tutorial for Artisan Whimsy.  Crossing my fingers that I can talk my daughter into playing photographer while I am at the torch because I'm not sure I can roll the bead etc one handed, lol.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and wishing you all the joys of the winter holiday season!