Monday, January 14, 2013

What's been in the works

This week I have been rearranging my studio space (again).  This time was to accommodate the addition of a treadmill and recumbent stationary bike into the space.  I took advantage of the move to also add my bead table and storage in there and even do some reorganizing.  I will try to get yo some pics of that tomorrow.

Yesterday the temp here soared to an unprecedented 66 degrees with sun!  Yes, sun in western NY in January (it was back down in the 30's today but let's focus on the positive)!  So while the sun was out yesterday I took a few quick pics of some projects and beads I worked on in late Nov and Dec. 

First up is this cool copper cuff.  After cutting it out I textured it in my new Sizzix BigKick that I got a great Black Friday deal on.  Then I added patina with ammonia fuming and sealed it with Protectaclear.  The patina is actually a little more blue than it appears in this pic. Tip of the Day:  If you have been dreaming of a rolling mill but can't afford one the BigKick might be a temporary solution for you.

I also worked in quite a bit of enamel and copper.  The dragonfly is an older piece but I made him a new bail and a neck ring to hang from, the blue flower would also work with this neck ring.

There was some beading done.  The flat spiral bracelet is still in progress and is very similar to the necklace from the Hoops Challenge.

I worked on my lampwork skills.  It's a work in progress, still working on how not to get bubbles in my transparents. I love the paisley, too bad the ivory in the center of the paisley was very picky and burned.

Here are a couple bracelets I made from my very own beads :).  I need to rework the memory wire bracelet,    it holds it's shape well under the weight of the beads but needs more beads and it has a tendency to fling off my wrist when I talk with my hands, lol.

I had a bit of torch time today but the beads are still annealing, so those pics will have to wait too.


  1. Oh which one to pick? Everything is gorgeous! I think my favorite is the blue bracelet. No, wait, I really like the beaded star! I told you I couldn't pick. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ali, WOW! You've been a busy busy lady!!!

    Great tip on the big kick! Who knew!!??? YOU! I adore the dragonfly and all the beadwork

    Re: scum in clear... it's an ongoing battle to find a clear that's CLEAR! It makes me want to pull my hair out some days! My two tips... (I use Efftre super clear MOST of the time... I've tried pricier ones but always come back to this!) Keep your hemostats close and heat the end of the clear and pull the scum off. Once you do that, the rod stays clear until it cools. Or wipe it on the end of your mandrel. #2 is don't work too's a struggle for me with my large beads but the clear can boil in the flame and that = scum!

    Laurie Ament wrote a nice free tut about soaking the rods in some solution... I keep saying I'm going to try that but... I can't seem to catch up.

    1. Thanks for the glass tips Holly! Will have to look into the tut about soaking and see if that helps too. Trying to get this jewelry thing really rockin and rollin :)


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