Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poor Mr. Turtle :(

I made gifts for most everyone in the family for Christmas.  I know some of you are still waiting for your packages to arrive, I will get them mailed soon :).  Many of them I forgot to take pics of, not sure why I keep missing this step, a big DUH moment o my part.

Anyway, one of the gifts was this little lampwork turtle I made for oldest daughter Jacqui's boyfriend.  Younger daughter did the macrame for me and I made the toggle and clasp.    I think he really liked it, though I was worried it might be a lil too cutesy.  He's a big fan of turtles so he didn't mind the cute factor. Poor Mr. Turtle met his demise when he fell from Allen's neck to the terra tile floor at work :(.   My fault as it seems the toggle was a bit too small for the clasp, so i will be working on a new turtle bead and a new clasp for Allen soon.

Also got a quick and blurry shot of the mushroom pendant I made for Jacqui.  She loved it!  I had a ball making it and have a ton of ideas for a whole run of these mushroom pendants and trying my hand at implosion work.  I should have photographed this against a dark background rather than her very fair Irish skin. 



  1. Oh, poor, poor, Mr. Turtle. He was so cute!

  2. That turtle is was :( adorable you are kick'en butt on your glass work...

    Have a Wonderful New Year Ali,

    1. Thanks Theresa, my lampwork is a work in progress, lol. Happy New Year to you as well :)


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