Monday, January 21, 2013

The Importance of FAB Packaging

As a former retail and wholesale sales person I am well aware of the importance of branding.  It's still a work in progress for me here at Northwoods Creative Studio, but as I move FORWARD in 2013 I will continue to work it out.  As I said I was in sales, I know just enough about marketing to be potentially dangerous, lol.

Anyway here are two people I have gotten packages from recently that really have it together.  I should have posted long ago about the first one as I was a winner of a giveaway on her blog  LibbyLeu and Glass too .  Libby Leuchtman is a great glassworker and here is what I received from her.
The pod I won came in a lovely little organza bag.  The pics you are seeing are her postcard that helps protect the piece.  Showcases her work before you ever open the package, great branding, no question who it's from.

THIS is what was in the package, wrapped in bubble wrap for protection then in this great dragonfly tissue was this FAB glass pod.  I've been drooling on it for months and still haven't decided onn a design to do it justice.

The second is my recent purchase from Starry Road Studio.  You may remember Karen Totten's work from the Hoops Challenge.  I ordered some more hoops to use from her Etsy shop and here is what I received.

This is what you are greeted by when you first open the envelope, a lovely thank you card and a nice little thank you gift.  My gift was another hoop (YAY) and a little leaf.  A lovely customer service gesture and it makes you feel truly appreciated by the artist.

When you open the lovely kraft paper gift box this is what you see, more great cohesive branding.  A smaller card and lovely bronzey tissue.

And when you lift the tissue you find your product carefully packaged and unharmed.  I like that they are bagged together so I won't loose one of the pair.  One of these just might be finding their way into one of my pairs of earring for the AJE Challenge.

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  1. I'm with you, I love Karen's packaging. And that opening the package is half the fun! I've learned to grab my camera before I ever start to open the package, otherwise you would never see any of the pretty outside parts! :)


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