Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school and back to the studio

There have been many things going on in my life lately and few of them have involved creativity or studio time.  I won't bore or sadden you with the details.  I will say only this, if you or someone you know lives with or has a mental illness do your best to be kind and not judge.  What can look perfectly fine on the outside can be an absolute tornado on the inside and behind closed doors. 

This weekend however, we were again blessed to be able to spend a few days at my aunt and uncle's lakeside cottage to relax and recharge.  It was WONDERFUL!  Good people, weather, food and boating.  Hubby and I slept in a tent, though there was room in the cottage on a "real" bed. Our thought was that this is probably the last chance to sleep out before the long western NY winter ahead.

Today was my son's first day of middle school.  It's odd how just moving up a grade seems to have matured him somehow.  Mind you, we have K through 12 in one school so it's not as if he has had to change venue.  But somehow it seems to have made him older and more responsible (for the time being anyway).

Back to school for him meant back to the studio guilt free and uninterrupted for me.  It was so good to wield the hammer and fire up the torch again!  I have a few works in progress and weather permitting I will try to post some photos for you all tomorrow.

Hope you all had a joyous and satisfying summer and are looking forward to fall as much as I am.


  1. I hear you on the change middle school brings...just knowing he was going to a different school and would be responsible for different classes and teachers brought out this more mature side that I had yet to was sort of short-lived, but at least I know it is possible :)

    1. LOL, we will see how long it lasts with mine, he has only gone 3 days so far :)


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