Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giveaway at Earrings Everyday!

 I am absolutely in LOVE with the earrings being given away by Melissa Meman over at Earrings Everyday.  I cannot think of a single thing I own that I could not wear these with, from casual to dressy (not that I dress up very often).  So as much as I want to win them, I want you to have a chance too, just click on Earrings Everyday above to go and enter.

I'm not sure how I have missed following the Earrings Everyday blog before, but I will be from now on.  So much inspiration to be found there.  I wear earrings more than any other piece of jewelry.  I'm mostly a casual dresser, but earrings make me feel like I at least tried to dress up my outfit a bit.

I'm hoping I am back from my brief hiatus.  I miss blogging.  I miss being in my studio.  I miss normalcy.  It's hard to explain without getting too personal where I was and why, if it only concerned me I would be all too happy to explain..  So I will just say this about it.  Sometimes life throws you a huge curve ball,you see it coming to the plate.  But no matter how many times you have practiced catching this same pitch in the past, your glove misses this one and it hits you smack in the face.  No one on the team saw it coming either so they are just as surprised and upset as you are.  The missed pitch leaves you bruised and with nothing much fun or positive to say.  In time, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, cover your bruises, put the glove back on and hope you catch the next one.  That's where I'm hoping I am now, crouched and ready for the next wild pitch.  I'm sure my team hopes so too :).

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