Sunday, September 9, 2012

I WON, and a fun swap about to happen...

The other day my fired up gal pals over at the Painting with Fire ning, told me about another bead chat group on Facebook.  The Creative Bead Chat page is just a bustling hive of beading awesomeness, I encourage you to get on over there and join the fun.

The day after my jewelry pal Lynnea invited me over there, they had a day to honor their admins.  This is well deserved recognition I must say, as this is a huge group. In addition, they had a giveaway of 11 prizes, and I WON one of them!  This was a very welcome bright spot in what has otherwise been one of those crappy weeks that life sometimes throws your way.  I won a stash of beads from Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  Be sure to visit her shop and you can also find her blog (which I have been following for awhile) here. Here is the pic, I can't wait to see it in person, and start making some lovely fall inspired pieces with it.  I see at least one necklace, 2 bracelets and several pairs of earrings in there!

In other news, Suburban Girl Studio is doing a real cool art bead swap in which you make mismatched earrings using art beads.  I'm going to join in on the fun to try and stretch my creativity.  While I am not a very matchy matchy person, I often have difficulty creating asymmetric jewelry and am hoping this will help.  If you want to play along too, just click on Suburban Girl above to see all the rules and how to enter.

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