Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finished works from Berks

Yesterday I talked about my trip to Berks Bead Bazaar.  Today I will reveal the few pieces I got finished on Monday.  Thankfully I had sun here today so I could get some pretty decent photos.

First, as you may recall, I had a piece partially finished and awaiting a bird skull bead from Staci Louise Originals.  Once we got to the table though I ended up picking up three of those little beauties rather than just one.

This was the layout I played around with before deciding on the final arrangement.  I already had the copper neck ring with plaited annealed steel ready and waiting.

The finished piece, with more annealed steel wire in a finer gauge as well as some enameled annealed steel headpins.
And here is how it looks on me.  It lies flatter when I'm not holding my arms up to take a picture.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to let this one go or not, I'm very fond of it.
Then I played with my new kumihimo disk.  The first sample was done in a really fuzzy yarn and is large enough to be a choker, the second is a hempy looking cotton product which is bracelet length.
I look forward to playing with this technique more and really want to try it with wire.


  1. Great job on that necklace! I look forward to seeing the direction you take with the kumihimo--I've never tried it.

    1. Thanks! The kumihimo is fun and fairly quick, have lots more materials I want to try with it.

  2. Love the bird skull necklace. The abalone is a perfect touch.


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