Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Berks Bead Bazaar on my mini vaca

I took a mini vacation for my own mental health this weekend.  Headed to my sister's "empty nest" for some rest, relaxation and much needed sister time.  We had a great time, stayed up way too late the first night, laughed ourselves to tears, shopped, stitched, and ate (way toooo much in my case).  Thanks for having me Sis, it was definitely the recharge I needed.

On Saturday we headed out to the Berks Bead Bazaar in Reading.  Perhaps the best part of this show is the smaller size of it, not overwhelming and the artists are very friendly.  We chatted briefly with Louise Mehaffey about lampwork for a bit, she was very kind and informative.  Ooohed and aahed over  Joan Miller's porcelain.   I was inspired by the lampwork of Starleen's Studio and Harold Cooney at another booth. Of course we fondled gems and beads at every turn. 

So much talent and inspiration at this show.  I pawed a ton of lampwork, but exercised restraint and didn't purchase any as I need to work on my skills.  One of the things I am going to do right away is work on larger hollow beads, you may remember I have been making normal sized hollows.  Big, gorgeous hollow focal beads were seen at several artist's booths.  Some strung simply and alone to great effect.

And of course we shopped.  I'm proud to say I actually came in under my bead budget.  I got to meet Staci of Staci Louise Originals, and her lovely daughter Julia who is a budding artist as well.  Staci's bird skull beads were the number one pick on my shopping list.  Her work is just down right drool worthy.
Here is what I picked up from Staci.  Aren't they just amazing little works of art?  The ivory ones look particularly like bone.  Almost makes me want to play on polymer clay but I don't really need to start working in another medium at the moment, lol.  I already had a piece partially ready to go for one of these skulls.  Pics of the finish to follow in tomorrow's post.

These are the pieces I purchased from Miss Julia.  Very professional, especially for a girl of 8yrs, aren't they?  Miss Julia does all the work herself (except for the drilling) including writing up a detailed receipt and making her own change.  I have to say, there were adult artists that failed to give me a receipt or business card.  I think I may have to make some lampwork beads specifically to go with the moon face heart.

These are some stones I picked up at another booth.  Unfortunately, this vendor didn't give me a receipt or a card and I don't recall the name of the booth.  I just love that focal on the top right, I reminds me of a forest.

Some findings I picked up from Atlantic Gems.  I needed some copper crimp covers and was glad to see someone had them.

Got this yummy 4.5 mm licorice leather and clasps from Clever Treasures.  I have way more leather than clasps, but I plan to experiment with making some of my own clasps for them.

Also picked up a kumihimo disc.  Played with kumihimo yesterday and will include that in tomorrow's reveal post.

Hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend too :).

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