Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painting James' room, a sibling project

My kids have been off school all week for "Midwinter Break".  Why?  I don't know, to make parents crazy perhaps?  If that's the case it almost worked, lol.

There has been a lot going on with my middle daughter (16 yrs) for the last three years which I might explain here one day, but today I'm not quite up to it yet.  Because of all that is going on it leaves my youngest (11 yrs) out in the cold so to speak, quite often.  My oldest (22 yrs) being the kind soul that she is wanted to do something just for him. 

James has wanted his room painted purple ever since his sister was allowed to paint hers bright orange with poison green spots over a year ago.  I hear some of you out there gasping at the color choices.  In the often erratic strange life my family lives we have decided to choose our battles carefully.  What color the kids rooms are just isn't  that big a deal to me anymore, not a battle worth fighting.  After all I don't have to spend any amount of time in there, once a day for wake up call and occasionally tucking in if the youngest wants me too.

James inherited his room in a shade of mint green.  It had been this color since his sister had it years ago.  The kids did this project together, unsupervised by me (except a minor skirmish that I had to settle).  Jacqui works for Home Depot, so she was able to pick up Oops paint really cheap.  Oops paint is not the color the customer really wanted, sometimes even though it is the color they chose.  She ended up getting two slightly different colors of purple so in the photo below you will see them mixing those together in a waste paper basket.

Painting prep, removing curtains, moving furniture etc.  That's Jacqui the paint fairy assembling a paint pole and her very helpful sister Jenna lying on the bed :).

Here they are all working!  For the most part they did work well together, other than the small battle mentioned above.  Oh, and James may have put in the least work despite it being his room. 

Future project of the paint fairy is my dining room.  Jacqui is doing that for me for Mother's Day!  The sibs are supposed to help her, we will see how that goes.

In beading news, I have some new components to list in my Etsy shop tomorrow.  My bead soup is cooking along nicely with one piece already completed.  My Challenge of Music piece is almost done as well.  Of course none of the challenge pieces can be shown until their reveal dates, but they will be here before you know it.  Ohhhh and I get to go visit my big Sis next week and go to Berks Bead Bazaar while I am there, YAY!  (Hmm, I should probably call and let her know that it's a go before she reads it here first.)

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend doing whatever it is that makes you happy!


  1. I may not be crazy for the color they chose but your daughter was super-sweet for helping him and smart, too. I see that she used Frog Tape--that stuff is the best!

  2. Good Color! I can see why he wanted it. Jenna's hair is really cute! See you at the end of the week.

  3. no gasping from me about colour schemes. Kid's need a bit of control over their own environment and as you said, it doesn't make any differemce to you. We were allowed to decorate our rooms how we wished, as long as we kept them resonably tidy and sanitary! and I'll do the same with my kids. My brother painted his black at one point!


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