Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lucite and Clay Blog Hop Reveal

Today is the big reveal for the lucite and clay blog hop I mentioned on Thursday's post.  Sponsored by Lisa Liddy of Pine Ridge Treasures.  Thanks to Lisa for putting this all together and mailing us all our little packets of bead awesomeness.

A quick reminder of what I received to play with, lucite in shades of pink.  As mentioned in the previous post both lucite and pink are a creative stretch for me.

I created two pieces and as of tonite one is still in the works.  My procrastination and sore hands kept me from finishing the third.  Hopefully the third will be finished and added to this post tomorrow.  First up in the completed category is a little pair of earrings, the remind of gasplant flowers.  One of the advantages of lucite is how light it is for earrings!  Too bad my budget is currently on a no new beads diet or I would be searching for more of these little petal beads.
Second on the finished list is a necklace, made with that pretty floral focal bead.  I added some of my own lampwork in the way of leafy headpins and hollow beads.  Then I added a 4 strand plaited ribbon "chain".  I have never done 4 strand plait. The plait gave me a bit of trouble as I tend to do everything from cross stitch to braiding horses manes and tails in a very tight tension.  Ribbon does not appreciate being worked tightly, and when you over tighten it buckles and puckers. 
(Sorry this is a lil dark.)
The third and as yet unfinished piece is a bracelet.  The headpins below will dangle from the wire wraps on the cuff. 
While I finish up the bracelet, I hope you will hop along and visit the other participants.  Be sure to stop by A Grateful Artist  - Pine Ridge Treasures and thank Lisa for putting this together :).
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  1. Well done! I braided my ribbon because I can't figure out how to do the 4 strand plait.

  2. Hi Alice,
    I love the earrings and the necklace they are both very pretty. I have never done four strand braid either yours look very nice for a first time. I like the start on the bracelet.

  3. Very nice! I look forward to seeing the bracelet when it's done. Looks like your ready for spring. :)

  4. Pretty earrings and necklace. I am really loving the start on the bracelet dangles as well. These are some of my favorite colors. I don't know how you got that ribbon to behave - it looks so neat and even. Thanks again for being in the hop!

  5. Girl! I adore the both!!! Love that plaited ribbon, what a great touch. You really made these pieces look very rich and touchable. Serious awesomeness.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Anyone interested in learning the 4 strand plait, just do a search on youtube. The easiest one I found to follow was the one that uses thick red strands. Lisa, I got the ribbon to behave by breathing deeply, going slowly, and trying to talk to it nicely, lol.

  7. Can I just say Yumy! What a clever design for the lucite leaves, and the necklace is spectacular!

  8. What a gorgeous focal bead you received and such lovely, feminine designs.

  9. Pretty and feminine! Love the earrings immensely and your necklace is outstanding! Gorgeous art jewelry. Bravo! I can't wait to see the bracelet with sweet dangling beads -- it's going to be gorgeous also, I'm sure!

  10. Love the wire-wrapping n those earrings. And I want to see the bracelet when you finish!

  11. That was a great design for the lucite petals! It's that extra, chunky wire wrapping that really makes these earrings pop! But your necklace...oh my - that is gorgeous! From the headpins leaves on the flower focal to your braiding - THE BRAIDING is so very cool!


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