Saturday, December 8, 2012

(Partial) studio redo

OK, so some of you probably know that my studio is actually several "mini" studios around my home.  I have redone my torching studio (which used to live in my kitchen, BAD I know).  My torching station/studio is now in another room.  My sewing machine used to live on this surface but has been put on a shelf since I haven't used it for anything major since the summer.  Don't get me wrong, I still love fiber too, but for the smaller projects I do now and again the machine can be used on my dining room table.

Here are some pics of the new torching set up...

Not a perfect ventilation system, but much better than what I was working with previously.  Since this pic was taken I have doubled my enamel and glass inventory.  Oooooh and added a mini bead annealing kiln (pics soon).  I wish I could say it always looks like this but truth be told, 5 minutes at the torch and the space looks nothing like this, lol.  Try not to be jealous of my super cool mandrel holder there on the right, and the recycled can rod holders on the left.

 Close up of my super cool mandrel holder.  Yes it is a recycled box with holes in it that I stabbed with a fork, hooray for upcycling!  I will say it is very serviceable, holds the mandrels upright and spaced well while the bead release dries.  When one is starting out we have can't have all the fancy stuff right away, gotta save the cash for the real supplies like enamel and glass.

View out the torching station window.  Not that I look out it much because I have to focus on what's under the torch, but it's a nice view when I do get to look up.  Thanks to my neighbors Sue and Al for keeping such lovely, stately trees for me to enjoy.

Where do you create? 


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