Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ears To You blog hop REVEAL...

I sincerely and humbly apologize for being over 12 hrs late getting this posted.  In my rush to get everythig done and attend a wholesale appt. yesterday and a retail show today, I completely spaced on doing my post.

Ears To You is a fabulous organization that was brought to my attention by Amy of Copper Diem via this blog hop.  Ears To You provides earrings for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment in a effort to raise their spirits.  We all have that fave piece of jewelry that makes our day a little brighter, that is the hope here.  The challenge was simple, make 3 to 5 pairs (or more) and send them off to Ears To You.

Here is what I have for Ears to You so far, I plan to donate more in the future.  Instead of my usual heavier earrings I pawed around my stash for beads that were lighter weight.  My thought was that sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear heavier earrings and these women are going through enough already.

A big thank you to Amy for making us all aware of this great organization.  If you would like to donate too all the info is available at Amy's blog Copper Diem the link is below.  Thanks for stopping by, here's the list so you can keep hopping if you haven't already:

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  1. I love those earrings -- the middle ones are my favs! So pretty! Thanks so much for being a part of the hop!

    1. It was my pleasure! Thansk for stopping by and for being such a kind and generous spirit, you are an inspiration!

  2. Lovely earrings and a wonderful contribution to the cause!

  3. Oh, these are lovely and will make some lucky women smile. Good idea about the lighter earrings. I know there were days that I hurt all over. Not many but there were those ucky ones. This is a great organisation isn't it!

  4. Interesting earrings - love the ones in the middle, too.

    Glad you were able to participate and join in this powerful gift!

  5. Thank you all from your compliments. This is a great cause to which I will be contributing often :)

  6. Beautiful earrings! the looped crystals are my favorite.

  7. these are beauties! i really love the middle pair with the circles of crystals~they look like they have great sway :-)

  8. Well I am trying to finish hopping, I never knew you posted late! :)

    Busy is better than being bored, right? Love this hop, it has been so much fun. Fun selection of earrings!
    Have fun hopping!

  9. Ali, Thanks so much for your kind words of support! You will never know how much they mean to me!

    Thanks to for the info on this charity. My own sister has cancer. I love knowing there are groups out there helping women feel better!

  10. Pretty...pretty...pretty! But the third ones are my favorite.

  11. I hope you-all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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